5 Amazing Things Tennis Can Do for Your Mental Health

5 Amazing Things Tennis Can Do for Your Mental Health

Playing games keeps us fresh, energetic and strong. The fresh breeze, the racing heartbeat, shouts of happiness, everything makes it all such a pleasurable experience. We feel good inside-out and that’s why games are an important part of our lifestyle. 

Strategy games like tennis don’t just offer physical exercise, but also involve a lot of planning. These games put your mind on work and that is extremely good for your mental health. According to the senior coach at tennis academy Dubai, playing tennis regularly can have some amazing benefits for your mental health. Let’s learn more about them together. 

Improves concentration 

Tennis is all about staying alert all the time. You need to answer every shot carefully and your mind keeps anticipating the next move of the opponent and it all happens really fast. Playing the game regularly helps you get better at all these things that surely adds to your concentration power.

The game requires a lot of attention and that eventually improves your concentration. You get an eye for detail and that helps you in every aspect of your life. 

Boosts your confidence 

Tennis offers a great amount of physical exercise. You might already know how regular exercise not just keeps you healthy but also builds a great physique. Your body feels strong, better balanced, and a lot more flexible. You feel energetic all day and all that improves body positivity in your mind. 

You start loving your body, the way you look, the way you stand and walk. All these things add up an improved self esteem. You feel all good about yourself and that improves your confidence. When we know we are doing the best, the confidence level shoots to the sky. 

Reduced stress

It is normal to feel stressed because of the fast paced lifestyle we have. Little things stress us and not finding an outlet can make us feel frustrated. Playing a game like tennis helps us channelize the negative energy. It becomes easy to get rid of the frustrating thoughts while we are playing. 

The increased heartbeat while playing improves heart health. A happy heart gives you the power to handle everyday stress easily. 

Cheerful mood 

Playing tennis also helps in improving your mood. Since it involves physical exercise, your brain releases hormones like serotonin and endorphins. The two hormones are known to improve mood and offer various other health benefits. 

You are all focussed on winning the game and that spirit takes your mind off all the stress your mind is holding on. Winning games helps you release anxiety and you feel better. Even the breezy and happy environment adds a lot to uplifting your mood. 

Tones your brain muscles 

Tennis is not just a physical exercise but a mental one too. Creating strategies, anticipating moves, changing strategies, planning moves, so much keeps happening in a matter of a few seconds. All these things put your mind on work and a happy work. A work that excites you and makes you happy. 

Your brain muscles get a lot of exercise and it tones them well just like your physical muscles. This way, you strengthen your brain to make quick decisions and take hold if anything goes wrong. You get to learn how to handle difficult situations and a lot more. 

Playing tennis is such fun and it has so many benefits too. Learning to play tennis is not really hard if you are determined and have a coach by your side. If you haven’t found the right training yet, click here for the best tennis lessons in Dubai

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Outstanding practice with coach Jino Thomas. He is a tough sparring partner for skilled players that wish to keep up with their game during dubai breaks. But also intermediate/beginners can advance their quality with Jino's precious tips! Thank you Cap Sports Academy team!

Jake Frassini
Jake Frassini

I trained with Jino over the course of a month. Great chap and great coach. My game became stronger and more assured after few sessions!

Leonid Schumacher
Leonid Schumacher

Great location and reasonably priced. I've been practicing with coach Chetan for 6 months now, and I feel I've improved a lot thanks to him. He gives me detailed advice every session, which has helped me improve my technique. Recommended!

Pedro Cravo
Pedro Cravo

my coach is Chetun, I’ve been taking his class, both group one and individual one, both are great!!! He’s experienced coach, knows how to teach, especially for entry -intermediate level players. They also provide good racket (better if they replace some old strings). Very prime location and relatively good price for this quality.

Xin Xu
Xin Xu