Top Tips to Get Better at Tennis

Top Tips to Get Better at Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and attracts a lot of youngsters to play at the top level every year. Tennis, just like any other sport, is a highly demanding sport that requires a high level of dedication, time and patience. If you as a young kid want to be the best in tennis, you need to ensure that you get better in the game every day. There are a lot of things you need to do to improve your game because the professional level tennis is extremely tough and demanding and if you are lenient, you will surely lag behind. The scope of betterment improves drastically when you join tennis classes Dubai and train under a coach.

In this article, we will be giving you tips to improve your game and get better with time so that you can face your opponents easily.

  1. Be prepared for the next shot

Always make sure that you are prepared for the following shot as soon as you hit the previous one. Recovery is the process of preparing the next shot and determining its strength and direction in a matter of seconds. You will be able to fire the following shot more skillfully once you have recovered from the previous one. The ball may need to remain in rally for the next 30 to 40 strokes, but you must maintain consistency until you score the point.

  1. Practice as hard as you can

Practice makes a man perfect and this comes true even in tennis. If you enrol in a tennis school and practice the necessary skills with a coach, you will quickly succeed in mastering them. To make your weakness into your strength, talk to your coach about it and practice often. This will be highly beneficial to you when you begin to compete in professional tournaments and games in the future. Every minute you invest in those practice sessions will pay off for you in competitive games later on.

  1. Work on your fitness

Every sport demands extreme fitness levels and tennis is no different. Tennis requires tremendous fitness since it contains lengthy rallies and requires the player to move over a large portion of the court due to the larger size of tennis courts. The majority of tennis academies feature fitness centres with cutting-edge equipment that you may use to keep yourself in shape and healthy. Seek guidance from your trainer on the workouts that will help you play better and will strengthen the parts of your body that are utilised the most during tennis matches, such as your arms and legs.

  1. Work on every weak shot and improve it

Many players lack confidence in certain shots or serves, and they are always concerned that they may lose the point if they play that specific shot. The best coaches advise against avoiding any certain shot type and instead advising you to work on improving it. This will not only eliminate your hesitation but also increase your opponent’s level of anxiety as he watches you play a variety of shots.

  1. Dominate the rally from the first shot

Even if you are feeling anxious, you must always project control throughout the rally since doing otherwise would make your opponent lose confidence. Exaggerate your follow-through to the point that your opponent loses motivation and becomes uneasy; as a result, he won’t be able to execute his strokes precisely. This is a crucial lesson since maintaining optimism and confidence is what separates amateur and professional players and if you dominate from the first shot itself, the opponent will lose confidence.

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We offer Tennis coaching and training to kids and Adults at all ages and levels by ITF certified and Experienced coaches. Concentrating more on improving hand eye coordination with Tennis training racket ( Sweet spot racket ) With coaches on hand during lessons to teach beginners proper technique and form, there is inherently less chances of getting injuries. By improving physical strength, flexibility, balance and fine coaching skills. Tennis will lend to helping your child master other activities off the court.

Teaching the basic and thorough knowledge of the game.

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Traveling with students to different tennis centers in Dubai, UAE.

Coaching and training players from “beginner” to “advanced” levels.

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Akhad Ermatov
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Amarsingh Rao
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Divyansh Khatri
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Client Success Story

Outstanding practice with coach Jino Thomas. He is a tough sparring partner for skilled players that wish to keep up with their game during dubai breaks. But also intermediate/beginners can advance their quality with Jino's precious tips! Thank you Cap Sports Academy team!

Jake Frassini
Jake Frassini

I trained with Jino over the course of a month. Great chap and great coach. My game became stronger and more assured after few sessions!

Leonid Schumacher
Leonid Schumacher

Great location and reasonably priced. I've been practicing with coach Chetan for 6 months now, and I feel I've improved a lot thanks to him. He gives me detailed advice every session, which has helped me improve my technique. Recommended!

Pedro Cravo
Pedro Cravo

my coach is Chetun, I’ve been taking his class, both group one and individual one, both are great!!! He’s experienced coach, knows how to teach, especially for entry -intermediate level players. They also provide good racket (better if they replace some old strings). Very prime location and relatively good price for this quality.

Xin Xu
Xin Xu