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Why you really need tennis classes

Why you really need tennis classes

Games and sports play a very important role in every individual’s life. They help in making your body feel active and flesh. Tennis is a racket sport, it can be played individually or in a team. Tennis is preferred by people of all age l groups. It is very beneficial for the mind and body.

CAP Sports Academy is a complete Sports academy in Dubai, UAE that fulfills the tennis game requirements of both boys and girls of all age groups. The academy provides private and semi-private tennis lessons. The academy also provides morning and evening batches for adults. Apart from tennis the CAP S Academy also provides training for various sports such as yoga, badminton and swimming.

The CAP Sports Academy provides training for different forms of tennis such as:

  1. Private tennis lessons

Private tennis lessons can be taken individually or in small groups. Private tennis lessons give students the facility to take queries from their coach easily which further helps them to increase their performance level.

  1. Developmental tennis

In this tennis, program tennis is divided into three stages i.e. Junior, Jr. Advance and Intermediate. Level. The player is being given tennis training according to their efficiency and performance.

  1. Cardio tennis

Cardio tennis is a different type of tennis form which involves drill activities,high energy workout to the players.Cardio Tennis is designed to suit both experienced players and beginners.

  1. Group tennis lessons

In this tennis, training is provided to a small and large group of students. These types of tennis lessons help to develop social skills among the students.

Reasons why you need tennis lessons

Given below are some reasons why you need tennis lessons:

  • Tennis helps in improving the flexibility

In tennis stretching exercises are done while hitting the ball these exercises increase the flexibility of your bones and muscles. This flexibility helps in protecting you from injuries.

  • Tennis proves to be a good sport for your heart health

Tennis helps in increasing your oxygen intake which leads to increase n heart rate. This helps in keeping your heart healthy and reduce the chances of heart diseases.

  • Playing tennis Improves coordination

While playing tennis you need to judge the timing between the approaching of the ball and the right point of contact. This helps in improving coordination between hands and eyes.

  • Tennis helps to reduce stress

These days due to increase in competition everyone is under stress may it be children or working professionals. Playing tennis helps in the relaxation of your mind which help in reducing stress.


Tennis is a preferable sport by people of all age groups. This sport is very beneficial for your mental and physical health.Playing tennis helps in burning extra calories from your body it also helps in building your cardiovascular health. Tennis can be played in different forms such as cardio tennis, developmental tennis and private tennis lessons. You can choose any form on the basis of your efficiency and interest.

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