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Welcome to CAP Sport Academy

We aim to empower you with the skills and confidence to independently live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Rnc is a friendly campus, offering an environment of encouragement, safety, and fun. Here you will be provided with resources, support, and opportunities to enjoy new learning experiences while receiving an individual and specialist learning experience tailored just for you.

Our Venue

  • 01
    Carlton Downtown Hotel
    Metro Station - Sheikh Zayed Road
    Near - DIFC - Dubai - United Arab
  • 02
    Residence Inn by Marriott
    Sheikh Zayed Road,
    United Arab Emirates
  • 03
    Safa British School
    Al Safa - Al Safa 1 - Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates
  • 04
    Shangri-la Hotel
    Sheikh Zayed Rd Near Financial
    Metro Station - Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates
  • 05
    Ambassador School
    41A Street, Mankhool - Bur Dubai -
    Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Discover Our Programs

We provide Fundamental training, teaches Position-specific strategy,
Focuses on teamwork and interpersonal skills & Personal mentoring based on goals.

Private Tennis Lesson

Is it worthwhile to pay for private tennis lessons? Yes, a private tennis coach can always assist you improve some part of your game, whether you…


Semi Private Lesson

A semi-private tennis lesson allows you to receive personal instruction with another person (friend, partner, neighbor) on the court at the same…


Group Sessions

If you’re looking for an effective yet affordable way to learn how to play tennis, then these group tennis lessons are the way to go! No matter…


Ladies Morning

We offer Ladies Mornings 3 days a week. During these sessions, the coaches will cover the following areas: Advanced Double Drills Tactics Movement…


Corporate Evening Batch & Club Nights

Enjoy match play along with drilling as the corporate evening draws to a close with our incredible coaching team. Club Nights have been designed…

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Reasons to Enroll in One of Our Programs

We offer Tennis coaching and training to kids and Adults at all ages and levels by ITF certified and Experienced coaches. Concentrating more on improving hand eye coordination with Tennis training racket ( Sweet spot racket ) With coaches on hand during lessons to teach beginners proper technique and form, there is inherently less chances of getting injuries. By improving physical strength, flexibility, balance and fine coaching skills. Tennis will lend to helping your child master other activities off the court.

Teaching the basic and thorough knowledge of the game.

Working with ITF (International Tennis Federation) level players.

Traveling with students to different tennis centers in Dubai, UAE.

Coaching and training players from “beginner” to “advanced” levels.

  • 12+ Years Experience
    12+ Years
  • Candidate trained
    Candidate Trained
  • International Level training
    Level Training
  • Awarded tennis school Dubai
    Tennis School
  • certified tennis coach
  • Structured tennis programs

Our Coaches

With 12 years of professional experience playing for his City, State and Country.
Coach Ron applies his personal history to his 1-1 sessions.
Akhad Ermatov
Akhad Ermatov
Akhad Ermatov has been playing tennis for the last 18 years and coaching for the last 3 years. He is an International level player, He used to...
Amarsingh Rao
Amarsingh Rao
Amarsingh Rao has been playing Tennis for close to 25 years and during this period he has acquired 12 years of coaching experience. He has earned...
Divyansh Khatri
Divyansh Khatri
Divyansh Khatri has been playing tennis from last 15 years. During these years as a professional player I’ve accomplished the following...

Coaching Plans

Private Tennis Lesson
  • Working one-on-one with a coach allows young and old to work on technique and other very specific aspects in an individual’s game.
Semi Private Lesson
  • Semi-privates are in the same boat as private tennis lessons, as you can join in with a friend or teammate and work together.
Group Sessions
  • Group Tennis lessons are also beneficial to all players, but the training of these lessons are more controlled by the coach than players.

Join Us! Winning is a way of expressing yourself.


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Client Success Story

Outstanding practice with coach Jino Thomas. He is a tough sparring partner for skilled players that wish to keep up with their game during dubai breaks. But also intermediate/beginners can advance their quality with Jino's precious tips! Thank you Cap Sports Academy team!

Jake Frassini
Jake Frassini

I trained with Jino over the course of a month. Great chap and great coach. My game became stronger and more assured after few sessions!

Leonid Schumacher
Leonid Schumacher

Great location and reasonably priced. I've been practicing with coach Chetan for 6 months now, and I feel I've improved a lot thanks to him. He gives me detailed advice every session, which has helped me improve my technique. Recommended!

Pedro Cravo
Pedro Cravo

my coach is Chetun, I’ve been taking his class, both group one and individual one, both are great!!! He’s experienced coach, knows how to teach, especially for entry -intermediate level players. They also provide good racket (better if they replace some old strings). Very prime location and relatively good price for this quality.

Xin Xu
Xin Xu
Robinhood Overseas
Dubai Sports Council
UAE Tennis Federation

Latest News & Event

Importance of Footwork and Movement Training in Tennis

Tennis is an exciting sport enjoyed by millions across the world by people of all ages around the globe. It is a challenging game that requires a combination of physical strength, fitness, mental strength, and technical skills to excel. But unfortunately, most players and coaches focus solely on improving stroke skills while neglecting the importance of footwork. But footwork is probably one of the most crucial aspects of making a great player. Many of you tennis lovers may have heard […]

5 Psychological Ways to Succeed in a Game of Tennis

Tennis is often considered a game of physical strength, but the mental aspect of the sport is equally important. According to W. Timothy Gallwey, a famous tennis player and coach, wins or losses happen in your mind before you win or lose in reality. In tennis, winning or losing does not solely depend on the strength of your shots; it also depends on how well you can read your opponent and stay one step ahead of them in the game. […]

6 Tips to Choose the Best Adult Tennis Academy in Dubai

Choosing a tennis academy that fulfils your requirements can be a challenging task. There are many tennis academies in Dubai, however choosing the one that works for you requires some effort and research. So, if you’re looking for a tennis academy in Dubai, we’ve enlisted six concrete steps you should consider before making the decision. Let’s get to them without any further ado. Identify and Evaluate Your Goals  Before you jump onto selecting the academy, identify your goals for training. […]


Which Age is Appropriate for Kids to Start Learning Tennis?

Children can begin learning tennis as early as 3 to 4 years old. However, the appropriate age for all kids to start learning tennis varies on physical abilities, personal interest, and brain development. A private tennis instructor will guide you with your specific case.

Which Tennis Program is the Best for My Child?

Since each child is different, the program for each would differ too. As a tennis academy in Dubai, we have many batches for kids offering differing coaching programs and time lengths that suit your kid.

What is the Time Length of a Tennis Class?

The length of tennis classes varies based on the coach, facility, and level of player. However, the typical length ranges from about 30 minutes to two hours.

What Should I Wear and Bring Along to Coaching?

Comfort comes first. Wear comfortable clothes which let you move freely. Carry tennis or running shoes with a water bottle, sunscreen, and hat, especially when opting for tennis lessons in Dubai.

How to Enroll in the Course?

The registration process for every coaching program differs depending on factors like age, time length, etc. If you’re opting for group tennis lessons, the enrollment process may differ. It’s best to approach the instructor to know more about the enrollment process.

Do I Need Prior Experience to Take a Tennis Class?

There is no need to have any prior experience for you to enroll in a tennis class. Most of the classes are designed for beginners and cover the basics of tennis, including strokes and playing strategies.

What is the Cost of the Tennis Class?

The cost of a tennis class varies depending on the instructor, facility, and length of the class. Some classes may have low costs while some may even be free. It’s wise to check with the instructor or the academy before finding out the cost.

Do I Need to Re-Enroll in Every New Term?

All you need to do is let the coach know whether you’ll be continuing the lessons at the end of every term. As the best tennis academy, we ensure to make this transition as seamless as possible.

How do I Find the Most Suitable Course/Batch for My Kid?

All batches and groups are structured depending on the age and abilities of the kids. Children of similar ages and physical abilities would be placed under the same group. However, this could mean that siblings of varying ages and abilities would be in different groups.

What Should I Expect to Learn in a Tennis Class?

In a tennis class, you should expect to learn the basics of tennis, which include strokes, strategy, and footwork. Once you learn the basics of tennis, you will learn more advanced techniques and skills. It’s wise to start with the beginner’s batch.

What If I Need to Cancel My Tennis Class?

Most of the instructors and academies have cancellation policies which differ based on the class and the notice period. Talk to the instructor before enrolling in a course to find out cancellation policies.

How Many People are There in a Tennis Class?

The number of people in a tennis class varies depending on the instructor and facility. Certain classes may have groups as small as consisting of 2-4 people while others may consist of groups consisting of more than ten people.

How Many People are in a Typical Tennis Class?

The number of people in a tennis class can vary depending on the instructor, facility, and level of the class. Some classes may have a small group of 2-4 people, while others may have larger groups of 10 or more.