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Gear up for the best tennis academy in Dubai. CAPS Sports Services Academy offers a great training environment for players of all ages and levels. Specially Tennis lessons for Kids and beginners. We offer the perfect blend of world-class tennis training in Dubai, which includes programs for health, fitness, mental strength, and agility to help athletes reach their goals and achieve real results. We are aware that being responsible for the players means that you are also responsible for building professionals and not just responsible for their Tennis hits. The personal attention given to every player makes him feel like home. So, bank your trust on us and see how you flourish and shine. When you look for a private tennis coach near me, you will find us with fun playtime every session.

Tremendously engaging and thrilling tennis lessons for kids
We love to train and coach kids at CAPS Sports Services Academy. They try their best foot forward here without hesitation.
Our Tennis Training Dubai Coaches Make You Fall in Love with Sports

We are true to our dedication towards tennis. The same is palpable and experienced with tennis training classes conducted by our coaches. They will make you admire sports altogether from day one.


Looking for a high energy fitness workout? Tired of gym and running? Try out cardio tennis this time! Tennis skills are not required in cardio tennis. It will help you by keeping your heart rate up. It is a fun activity which helps in weight loss by burning calories from your body. Try out our morning and evening specially designed tennis batches for adults.

Are you busy during weekdays? Do you have strong determination for learning tennis? Don’t worry! We have Weekend coaching options for those who are busy in life and have no time to get fit. Try out our weekend coaching option and take your game to the next level.

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One of the greatest aspects of tennis is that playing it can be fun. True, it can be challenging, especially if you're just learning.

Private Tennis Lesson

Competitive programs for adults with different level

Start From 220د.إ

Semi Private Lesson

Juniors will find their joy in trainings with our coaches

Start From 130د.إ

Group Sessions

Comfortable and spacious camps for your little ones

Start From 90د.إ

Corporate Evening Batch and Club Nights

The great way to improve/refine your tennis skills

Start From 80د.إ

Ladies Morning

Individual approach to every student, trainee or kid.

Start From 75د.إ

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