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Kannan Settu

Kannan Settu play tennis for past 30 years, and my coaching experience is about 20 years. I have played many tournaments at the District level , State level and National level.

Achievements are:

1. University No 1 Rank player

2. Men are ranked top 20 in the country.

3. Represented state to play National Games

4. Young senior Indian team member and currently ranked no. 2 in India

5. ITF ranked no. 51 in Singles and no. 17 in doubles.

6. Represent India to play the World championship at Umag, Croatia. Being a coach and a player.

I have traveled across the country, India and Abroad. I believe that I have sufficient knowledge in teaching the players to play at the state and national level. Along with teaching, I have experience in conducting various tennis tournaments in India as a chief referee.

Tennis certification: 1. 2021 – USPTR Adult program at Ahamadabad 2. 2012 – Level 3 All India Tennis coach at Delhi.