Top Tips to Avoid Tennis Elbow

Top Tips to Avoid Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a painful condition that most often develops on the outside of the elbow after using your arm repeatedly and often, which can cause inflammation or damage to the nearby muscles and tendons. Tennis players frequently experience similar symptoms, which is why it is nicknamed tennis elbow. However, other activities that involve repeated motions and overuse of the arm, such as golf or even non-sports-related activities like construction, can also cause this excruciating illness. Anything that involves too much use of the elbow can cause tennis elbow. Since it is a very painful condition, coaches in tennis classes Dubai advice the players to rest completely unless the pain subsides.

There are many ways by which a person can avoid tennis elbow injury and we will discuss some of them below

1) Make your forearm strong

Simple wrist flexion and extension exercises that target the forearm muscles should be done every other day. Your forearm muscles join near your elbow, so they must remain strong, especially if you are using your arm vigorously.

2) Take breaks when needed

Take notice of any arm pain as a sign that your body needs a rest. Take lots of rest between games when you play sports that demand a lot of arm movement to avoid injuries like tennis elbow. Additionally, ice should be used to discomfort at least twice daily to assist decrease inflammation and relieve it.

3) Be cautious while lifting heavy weights

If you don’t start off slowly with new sports like tennis and adopt a physical fitness routine, you are placing yourself at danger of injury if you don’t engage the muscles in your forearm on a regular basis. Work out your muscles to keep them flexible and strong so they can withstand stress. This includes moving your muscles up and down to stretch them. Your muscles will become stronger by performing exercises like push-ups, arm rotations, and arm bending and stretching. Being a little cautious can save you from injuries

4) Never forget to do warmup and stretching

Get the blood flowing to your muscles before beginning any physical exercise. As a result, your muscles are able to move more freely, have a wider range of motion, and withstand greater strain as you play tennis. Your risk of harm will go down as a result of this. Warmup before you go to the court and stretching down before you leave the court is always taught to the kids from a very young age as soon as they start playing tennis which is very helpful in avoiding injuries like tennis elbow

5) Properly check your Tennis racquet

Your arm may be under needless pressure if your tennis racket is too heavy, too big, or too little. Think about switching to a lightweight, flexible tennis racket. Make sure the racket’s handle isn’t too big. If you are not sure about the racquet, make sure you show it to your coach as they can properly guide you.

6) Follow proper technique

To make sure you are utilising the right form and technique, think about hiring a qualified tennis instructor. This is essential to avoid improperly overusing muscles, which stops tennis elbow before it even begins. The danger of injury increases with sloppy form. A sound technique can reduce the strain on your smaller muscles and tendons, allowing you to play for longer.

7) Use tennis elbow strap

A strap might be helpful in the first few days after developing tennis elbow. When playing tennis, you should wear this particular form of brace below your elbow to assist relieve forearm pain and minimise the strain on your muscles.

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Outstanding practice with coach Jino Thomas. He is a tough sparring partner for skilled players that wish to keep up with their game during dubai breaks. But also intermediate/beginners can advance their quality with Jino's precious tips! Thank you Cap Sports Academy team!

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I trained with Jino over the course of a month. Great chap and great coach. My game became stronger and more assured after few sessions!

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Great location and reasonably priced. I've been practicing with coach Chetan for 6 months now, and I feel I've improved a lot thanks to him. He gives me detailed advice every session, which has helped me improve my technique. Recommended!

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Pedro Cravo

my coach is Chetun, I’ve been taking his class, both group one and individual one, both are great!!! He’s experienced coach, knows how to teach, especially for entry -intermediate level players. They also provide good racket (better if they replace some old strings). Very prime location and relatively good price for this quality.

Xin Xu
Xin Xu